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Why is PFG different than many other insurance marketing companies? We understan dthe basic premise: "You will be remembered for teh SOLUTIONS you provide, not the products you sell".

Our CASE MANAGERS have years of experience and are true experts in using the right product or combination of products to create the perfect solution for your client's challenges and desires. We have hundreds of products available but there is no "one size fits all". By creating the right solution for your client you will increase your average case size, improve client retention and get referrals.

Our expertise covers:


Annuities & Timing of Social Security Benefits       Wealth accumulation


Fixed Indexed Annuities, the best Index strategies, products with fees or without


Retirement Income Strategies      Retirement Income Strategies


The best fit income riders, increasing or level income options, Deferred income annuities, immediate annuities, split strategies, 

IRA Strategies      IRA Strategies
Trustee to trustee transfers, rollovers, Roth IRA conversions, 72T distributions, Inherited IRA planning
Personalized Strategies for Retirement Accumulation      Social Security Maximization 
Tax-Advantaged Insurance Products & Strategies     Tax Planning
Threshold income planning, 1035 exchanges, turn taxable dollars into tax free LTC benefits, tax free Legacy planning, tax free retirement income
Wealth Preservation Strategies     Wealth Preservation Startegies
Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities    CDs or Money Market replacements - Multi-Years Rate guaranteed annuities
Wealth Transfer Concepts    Inheritance Planning
Prospecting and Marketing   Prospecting and Marketing
Practice Building Tools   Sales support - seminars, flyers, 

*Any transaction that involves a recommendation to liquidate a securities products, including those within an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement plan, can be conducted only by individuals who are properly registered.

This site and the systems promoted are designed to provide general information on the subject covered. However, they are not intended to provide specific tax or legal advice, and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties or to promote, market or recommend any tax plan or arrangement. Encourage you clients to consult their tax advisor or attorney.