About Us

PFG is an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) dedicated to “Relentless Support for Financial Professionals.” At PFG our focus is to meet the needs of those Professionals whose primary practice is the sale of Life Insurance and Annuities.

Our expertise is in providing the Financial Professional with some of the best strategies using insurance products ranging from traditional products (such as term life insurance) to today's innovative Fixed Index Annuities and Index Universal Life products. We are experienced in providing solutions for retirement income, income tax minimization, wealth transfer strategies and mitigating the risks of LTC costs.

Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995, the Principals and Senior Marketing Staff, each have more than 20 years of Insurance Industry experience. We understand the needs of the Professional Producer and we go that extra mile to assist them in their practice. Our hands-on, personal service and expertise is what we believe truly differentiates us from our competition.

It is absolutely necessary that you have quality assistance to stay on top of the issues in this current financial climate. Rates, caps, commissions, forms and training requirements seem to change on a daily basis. At PFG we strive to stay on top of these changes so we can let you, our valued client, know as soon as possible. You don’t want to be caught by surprise at the critical point of contact with your client. Nobody enjoys having to obtain more signatures because of missing or incorrect forms.

Any competent Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) should provide good service, good products, and competitive compensation. Many IMOs offer leads, lead systems, software, and generic presentations as an enticement to get you to contract with them. If your IMO has all this and it is working well you should be grateful and thank them with your loyalty.

Unfortunately you may be getting some of these things from your IMO and still be struggling to break through to a new level of production. The sad fact is few lead systems work and most sales presentations are a rehash of ideas that your prospects have seen a hundred times. We welcome the opportunity to share Prospecting and Sales Solutions that are working for some of our top producers.

Given the opportunity we will do our best to earn your business!



Mike Ford

Mike Ford