PFG Contracting Forms


To download PFG Marketing Group's contracting forms click here:    PFG Contracting

This package works for ALL the Carriers we represent and you only need to do this ONCE unless there has been a major change in your status or background.

If you have already completed a PFG Contracting package and simply want an additional appointment for another carrier, all you need to do is send us an e-mail requesting an appointment for that additional company.

For a list of the Carriers we currently represent, please click on the Carriers button on the left side of this page. If the company you are seeking an appointment with is not listed or if you have any questions about PFG contracting, please call our office at (800) 944-1831.

If you are currently or were previously contracted with the Carrier you are requesting, please check with them to see if you are eligible to transfer. If not, you will need to secure a written release from your existing upline.



  1. Print out the entire document
  2. Check off the insurance carriers you wish to be contracted with
  3. Circle the states where you wish to be appointed. (Some companies may charge non-res fees)
  4. Complete all areas requested
  5. Sign the PFG Disclosure and in the Box of the Signature Authorization Form
  6. Scan, Fax or Mail the completed forms along with copies of:
    • Copies of current Resident and Non-Resident licenses
    • Current E&O Certificate
    • Voided Check for automatic deposit of commissions
    • AML Training Certificates
    • Proof of 4 hour annuity CE and Product Training in NAIC states
    • Copy of Articles of Incorporation/Organization (If contracting as a Business Entity)
    • Any required written explanations or documentation pertaining to background questions.


Please send to:


PFG Marketing Group, Inc.

Fax:   (855) 407-2211
Mail:   17235 N 75th Ave Suite G150
Glendale, AZ 85308